Do you need an engine and steering that matches your car? Is that wave a double overhead V8?

Yeah .. yeah you do.

In all  my years of design talks with Bert I learned that the more i know about design ,the more he can teach me. He can't just stuff it all into my brain. I have to think about it .. learn it. It has taken me 15  years to be ready to figure out fins. Try spending $1000 on fins and then surfing them all over 6 months. That is where to start. I just did that. I just found the best fins for our construction that I have ever had. The light just went on big time.

FINS ARE 1/2 THE BOARD ! No engine, no go ..

I reckon it would take minimum an hour and 5 videos of 5 different waves  to discuss with a customer (one that  really wanted to know ..) how he could fin his board.

Yes , thrusters ,singles, thwins, asymetrics - its all the same theory ..

Yes you need a single fin in your quiver.

Just sayin ..